Diet for your everyday life:
It is important as we age to fuel our bodies with the best possible foods.  In addition to that, it is our job as parents to teach our children about proper nutrition.  Obesity is not only an adulthood disease, children and young adults are now also suffering from this disease.  Some people feel that children can eat junk foods and not be affected negatively, but we should be helping them develop the skills of making proper food choices for their lifetime.
I don’t believe in fad diets.  Eating “clean” is the only diet that is healthy and works as a lifestyle approach.  Lean proteins, fresh vegetable, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats rich in Omega-3’s.  Eat fresh foods, not pre packaged “diet” meals.  Not only are they expensive but they are not as nutritious.  Eat clean.  Fresh and natural foods are best.  Stick to the perimeter of the supermarket and you will be on track in no time. Track your daily caloric intake along with proper exercise and watch the extra body fat disappear.
Planning is the key.  I will share my skills to help you navigate the supermarket quickly and prepare nutritious healthy meals for you and your family in no time.  
Top 10 Diet & Exercise Tips:
1] Keep a food journal.  When dieting for weight loss it is good to keep yourself accountable for every calorie.  This makes eating more of a cognitive process and not emotional.
2] Keep a workout journal.  Write down your workout goals for each week.  Track your progress with each workout.  Challenge yourself ALWAYS!
3] Eat Oatmeal! Steel Cut or Whole Rolled Oats.  The slow cooked are the BEST.  The longer they take to cook the longer they take to digest=you stay fuller longer.
4] Eat Clean! No processed food just fresh food. 
5] Dining out…? Yes you can BUT plan ahead.  Go online look up the menu and plan which lean protein packed meal is best for your diet.  Substitute starch with veggies or salad.
6] Eat 5 or 6 mini meals a day.  Heard this before?  Because it works! Mini meals are easier for the body to digest. Boost your metabolism!
7] Plan, plan, plan! Cook in bulk and keep healthy food on hand for the whole week. 
8] Keep healthy snacks on hand.  Protein packed snacks like Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.
9] Find a workout buddy.  Keep each other accountable.
10] Start by setting mini goals.  Then set larger goals as you go to keep you motivated.